Monday, April 6, 2009

For Defense of the Faith

We are constantly under attack from forces of evil. What do we do? What can we do? For many of us in this world we are judged by our peers and are taunted by those who either don’t understand or hate us. Being a Christian isn’t an easy thing. Then again it isn’t supposed to be. But we do find it much better to surround ourselves with other fellow Christians. I grew up in the southern United States where Jesus was and is most prevalent in the US. I didn’t really see the blasting for being a Christian until I joined the military. Within our own military community there were so many people that weren’t Christians and then going to the many different Middle Eastern countries and seeing the hate towards us has really given me a new look on the world. Now on top of the fact that the U.S. is falling further and further away from its Christian roots, there is a genocide of Christians that has been going on for years now and continues as this is written. Nothing is being done about it. In Sudan, atrocities are being done to Christians by the Muslims just for being Christian. Raping and killing women and killing entire villages. Where are the Christians at? Why aren’t we protecting them? We are commanded to take care of the poor. Its time we put a stop to the killings. To know it is going on and do nothing is not being a good Christian at all. Being military myself, it’s my job to protect the country I live in and the people who live in it because they can not protect themselves. I am getting a group of soldiers and ex military together to band up a security and training team. We need to train those people in Sudan and help provide protection for them and weapons to them to protect themselves. It is our job as Christians to tell all about the love of Christ and bare witness that He died for all man’s sins and to give aid to those who can’t help themselves. I’m not talking about War. I’m talking about standing up for Jesus and doing our job. I really need support feedback for this. I’m making this my “crusade” to Africa. The most hellish and turmoil place on earth needs God back in those lands. When it’s the darkest, His light shines the brightest. There should be no place on earth where it is forbidden to praise Jesus, but there is. Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and many other Muslim countries are like that. If they want a holy war then I’ll be there to take up Arms with my sword and defend the Cross and those people what call Jesus their Lord and Savior. I will uphold Isaiah 54:16-17 with honor. Who’s with me!!?