Monday, April 6, 2009

For Defense of the Faith

We are constantly under attack from forces of evil. What do we do? What can we do? For many of us in this world we are judged by our peers and are taunted by those who either don’t understand or hate us. Being a Christian isn’t an easy thing. Then again it isn’t supposed to be. But we do find it much better to surround ourselves with other fellow Christians. I grew up in the southern United States where Jesus was and is most prevalent in the US. I didn’t really see the blasting for being a Christian until I joined the military. Within our own military community there were so many people that weren’t Christians and then going to the many different Middle Eastern countries and seeing the hate towards us has really given me a new look on the world. Now on top of the fact that the U.S. is falling further and further away from its Christian roots, there is a genocide of Christians that has been going on for years now and continues as this is written. Nothing is being done about it. In Sudan, atrocities are being done to Christians by the Muslims just for being Christian. Raping and killing women and killing entire villages. Where are the Christians at? Why aren’t we protecting them? We are commanded to take care of the poor. Its time we put a stop to the killings. To know it is going on and do nothing is not being a good Christian at all. Being military myself, it’s my job to protect the country I live in and the people who live in it because they can not protect themselves. I am getting a group of soldiers and ex military together to band up a security and training team. We need to train those people in Sudan and help provide protection for them and weapons to them to protect themselves. It is our job as Christians to tell all about the love of Christ and bare witness that He died for all man’s sins and to give aid to those who can’t help themselves. I’m not talking about War. I’m talking about standing up for Jesus and doing our job. I really need support feedback for this. I’m making this my “crusade” to Africa. The most hellish and turmoil place on earth needs God back in those lands. When it’s the darkest, His light shines the brightest. There should be no place on earth where it is forbidden to praise Jesus, but there is. Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and many other Muslim countries are like that. If they want a holy war then I’ll be there to take up Arms with my sword and defend the Cross and those people what call Jesus their Lord and Savior. I will uphold Isaiah 54:16-17 with honor. Who’s with me!!?


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Prepare For War Christians

For centuries now, the world has been constantly reminded of the growing threat of a tyrannic society. A growing religion that is now encompassing the world. Instilling fear wherever it goes, this threat must be stopped. Islam is what i am referring to. It must not be allowed to spread without consequence anymore. The developed world is so wound up on not offending anyone and trying to be every ones friend that they are letting anyone do practically anything. The Christians today are living in a state of denial for the most part. They think that Islam is staying in the Middle East but that's not the case. See Muslims have no want in taking over the Western World. They refer to it as the "great devil." But they know if they set up a society here then it will just throw everyone off and confuse us. And it is working thus far. Where are our christian leaders at this time? There is a time for Peace and there is a time for War. God tells us that he made the Smith to create swords for a reason. Jesus turned the other cheek during his life and I believe Christians today are reflecting on his pacifist ways which is good but people, we aren't Jesus. He was sent TO DIE for us. With the very thought of it, Jesus could have destroyed the entire Roman Army if he so chose to but that wasn't his purpose. We as Christians need to recognize that the army of Islam, the devils strong arm in the world, has 1 purpose; unite the world as 1 Muslim Nation. If you don't convert then you are the enemy and you shall perish. That's their mission. Wake up America! Wake up Europe! When are you going to put your foot down and protect the sanctity of life and our Faith? David had no problems with asking God when he went to war against those who were a threat to Israel. Jesus is our Shepperd. Grab your rifles. Grab your boots. Ban together and form a Coalition of Christians meant to do one thing; fight the Evil One. If you stand down and do nothing then the world will continue to deteriorate into what it is today. Its gonna get worse. Jesus said we will walk in few numbers. That's ok. With a few, the Lord can do many.

There are people all over the world that have the drive, the courage, and the will to stand up and protect the Faith. God will use them in due time. Dont be fooled with leaders today that claim to be Christian but chose not to make any decision based oh his religion(Obama). Dont be fooled by him saying "God Bless" and yet is trying to take those very same words out of our Government. Turning from God is the worse thing you can do. Built upon the Lord, America was born. Now today the Great Deceiver has used his minions to twist the words "separate from church and state" to change our laws. He's twisted "freedom of religion" into a nation of sin and evilness and Christians are turning their backs on the Truth. Isaiah 54:17 is a verse that I always keep dear to me. And with that, Knights for Christ will be born out of His words.

Logistics are still being worked out and the army is slowly being banned together but in a short time you will see the revolt. You will see God bless his servants and see them go into battle against Islam. They will walk into Israel and reclaim His nation. People when are you going to take up arms against the Deceivers Army of Islam? When are you going to stop listening to your governments who have their own intentions held up higher then of the Lords? Its time to stand and its time to stand now. Knights of the Faith, rise up. Let it be known that you are here to fight for Him and He will guide your way.

If you believe in this; if you can see the world so twisted and backwards and want to do something about it then let me know. Pass this along to those who share the same goals and morals as us. Let our ACTIONS be our WITNESS and our fight against Islam will show the world that the devil isnt going to prevail. Gods law is above any governments law. He will move people out of our way in order to get where we need to go. God has a purpose for you. Maybe you are to witness to your friends and everyone you meet? And some of us are meant to do violence for the protection of our Faith. If this is you, show yourself. Lets band together Brothers.

God Bless and God Speed,